A Windless Afternoon on Chain Lake

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Nathan Susnik has been a pole vaulter, a Mississippi paddlewheel steamboat deckhand, and a molecular biology researcher. He is currently a medical writer living with his family near Hanover, Germany  [+]

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The birds sing
As I sit in stagnant heat
Hands on still oars,

And the lake mirrors the sky
So perfectly
That I stand up and dive down
Toward the heavens,

And among the clouds,
Before the water breaks my wings,
I understand their song.


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Image of Keith Simmonds
Keith Simmonds · ago
What a beautiful tableau depicting a nature scene !
Image of Tony Martello
Tony Martello · ago
Nathan, I want to dive into a glassy lake with cloudy mirrored sky! Impactful poem. I love the connection to nature. When not fishing or boating and you have a sec, Check out my entry, "Maize of Color" in the short fiction category and vote for me in the America: color it in contest! Tony
Image of Mary Tabor
Mary Tabor · ago
Love the effect of the mirrored lake. Lovely.
Image of Rueck Ruecktenwald
Rueck Ruecktenwald · ago
These beautiful words paint a great picture in my mind! Nice job!!
Image of Samir Ramos
Samir Ramos · ago
Good. Remembered an old poetry (1870 - by Alphonsus Guimaraes)
Please, translate from Portuguese...


Alphonsus de Guimaraens

Quando Ismália enlouqueceu,
Pôs-se na torre a sonhar...
Viu uma lua no céu,
Viu outra lua no mar.

No sonho em que se perdeu,
Banhou-se toda em luar...
Queria subir ao céu,
Queria descer ao mar...

E, no desvario seu,
Na torre pôs-se a cantar...
Estava perto do céu,
Estava longe do mar...

E como um anjo pendeu
As asas para voar...
Queria a lua do céu,
Queria a lua do mar...

As asas que Deus lhe deu
Ruflaram de par em par...
Sua alma subiu ao céu,
Seu corpo desceu ao mar...

Image of Jonathan Heinz
Image of Deborah Davitt
Deborah Davitt · ago
Beautiful use of inversions!
Image of Laura Susnik
Laura Susnik · ago
Creates a perfect picture in my mind…

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