Andrea Lemoins (she/her) was born in Baton Rouge, Louisiana and now lives in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Andrea enjoys spending time with family and friends, making zines, writing poetry, collecting typewriters, reading science fiction and exploring her city. "On Paper" is published by Short Édition as part of Philly Storied City, a city-wide literary project.

Image of Philly Storied City - 2020
A visit.
Wooded, wooden and magnolia sheltered. Panel lined to be specific.
Breezeless evening. Sticky, warm and screened.

Tightly angled knees/elbows thrown around the room. Hazy t.v. Some show. A puffed 80's sofa, velour smooth and richly auburned brown. As are you. Cheeks black freckled. Smoke polished eyes reflecting the passage. Blue flannel over white undershirt in this southern circle. Familiar gold tooth guiding seekers to their north star. And your smell. A mood mixture of chewed cigars outside mason sand aftershave pine oil red clay.

Wish - a perfumer would.

You are here. Briar rabbit slow. Hanging out and checking-in. On us.
Mouth a satisfied shelled pea. Sweet tea. Gas station chair.

Peace, in a back pocket.

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