Emily Dorffer is a technical editor who proudly stands just half an inch under five feet tall. She loves spoiling her cat and baking with her mom. Her poems and short stories have appeared in Cicada ... [+]

Image of General Submissions - Rendez-Vous, September 2019 issue

I was born, Mom says, dollhouse-
ready, pre-Barbie hair a field
of curls, the early bird that, sealed
in plastic, cried like grouse

or pheasant chicks between
my ribcage-rattling hiccup fits
that never ever called it quits
until my kidney bean

lungs grew. My golden locks
soon draped my back and dwarfed my arms.
I screamed like twenty fire alarms
when hands arrived in flocks

to pet and pull my hair. 
They called me Goldilocks. I called
myself Fun-Size and fled, appalled,
from fingers that would dare

to yank my ponytail.
This shorty squad member still stands
as tall as ever. She withstands
the names that fall like hail 

against her ears and knows
that everyone will look the same
six feet under. Forget my name.
I'm bound to decompose.

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