I am a PhD student at Hong Kong Baptist University. For me, writing is like a therapy that enables me to ventilate the emotions and remain a detached position towards these sentiments via the ... [+]

Image of Long Story Short Award - 2022
Image of Poetry
Fresh tomatoes stay quiet in the market
Watching fake fantasies, listening to rosy rhymes
Cabbages sneak gently through the flicking palms
Passing winky whims, capturing slender sighs
Cries and sweats permeate the air like
Neon-lights insomnia in the city night

I wonder where would Saturday go
I wonder where would Saturday hide
Does it travel to places with ginger wine
Or have it decided to chase after sanguine lime

Car whistles swim across sea of balloons
Footsteps jump to reach gallons of hugs
Days slip away without calling sunset
When secrets climb up veins to weave a tender net
Tranquil dreams are forever tipping toes
As goodnights sink into bottles of bitter flows

I gaze at unfolding lives sweeping across lures of love
As they are away after shots of tonic leave
I thought Saturday would never go
I believed Saturday would always be home
But it ran from the lines, flew to other minds
When I know new days would come before I wear Fahrenheit

Note: Fahrenheit is a men's fragrance by Dior.