Come This Far

Had you considered you're the enemy?
Thinking that being strong was a sign
So you forced all of your energy,
Into the act of being fine.
You should have won an Oscar
For pulling off a convincing feat.
The twisted lies of a skilled author
Who left no signs at their feet.
Hardly a soul even noticed
You were sliding backwards in a hole.
They only thought you were focused,
When really you were losing control.
You've been hurting for awhile
Allowing darkness to canker inside;
But all you can do is smile
Hiding within your aching pride.
They say the eyes are windows to the soul,
So you laced yours with misery
Hoping some part of you would show
As if they'd catch onto your plea.
Sad eyes once had happy stories to tell
But people don't want to see pain,
Or hear how you're walking through hell
So you keep pretending in vain.
You decided to feel your feelings
And look where that left you..
Maybe a part of human beings
Is knowing how anguish feels too.
But despite your hopeless perspective
And the darkness in your view
Your individual directive
Is to not give it up too soon.
Even though the words hurt to say:
Don't give up who you are.
You did not come all this way
To only come this far.