Bought and Sold

Rae is an illustrator, world builder, and storyteller who loves archaeology, retro science fiction, and haunted tales. You can follow her artwork on Instagram @rae.allen.everett.

Image of Long Story Short Award - Fall 2020
Image of Poetry
Mankind is a hideous, throbbing mass
Its ravenous sickly heart throbbing
Its veins probing, pumping, leeching
Climbing, climbing climbing,
Chasing, grabbing, snatching
Its foaming mouth
Its bloodshot eyes
Wild and searching for glory and gold
Glory and gold
Glory and gold

You are not like the others.
You illuminate, you invigorate
You bring beauty, loveliness, and pure joy
You are the stars in the firmament,
The sunbeam’s golden kiss
From your soul permeates glory and gold
Glory and gold
Glory and gold

Always stolen by Mankind to be bought and sold
Bought and sold
Bought and sold

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