All in Good Time: A Letter

You baffle me
Most of the time like a raging river you rush forwards
Other times you’re more like a slow drip
That builds and swells before falling into an eternity before you

You never stop
You used to scare me with the way you would invade every part of my life
In my happiest moments, you were in the back of my mind
Tick tick tick tick
Reminding me that nothing stays the same forever

I see you everywhere
Etched into my very skin are the traces of you
In the familiar creases around my eyes
In the brittleness of my bones
You make it hard to live the way I used to

Life has such an interesting way of unfolding
We rush ahead, eager to find what waits for us
Only to find ourselves longingly looking behind
We can’t go back, and that’s on you

You used to terrify me
Everything you gave, you eventually took back
Only now after being with you for so long do I see your value
You are the world’s most precious currency

We are limited
We each only get so much
You never end here, but we do
Still we treat your passing as an inconvenience

I am grateful to you
Through you, I gain wisdom
And each new day is a gift from you

You rush forward, and I follow
No longer afraid
Until my time comes
And you see me off, as your friend, into eternity