Indecent Proposal

I proposed to the love of my life in September, and she ran away from me. I'd expected her to say no, sure, as I knelt down in front of the Old Well with no ring, no intention, no plan. We were walking back from eating now-cold cups of takeout jambalaya on the quad; it wasn't exactly a romantic setting.
I was emulating the motions of a million great love stories before us, knowing we would never be one of them.
We aren't compatible; sexuality's just one of the things that ensures that, but still, her laughing, screaming, and darting away seemed a tad dramatic.
I laughed it off, and she laughed, too.
When I asked later why she'd reacted so strongly, she explained: "I honestly think our lives would be easier if I could've said yes. But god loves to put difficult people in our lives."