The GiAnt

Image of Set Stories Free - 2018
Image of Short Story
There once was a giant, who was afraid of a little red ant.

He lived in a giant house, where he hid from the ant. He was afraid the ant might bite him.

He was so worried, he decided to take a rocket to outer space...but the ant followed him.

So he dove deep into the ocean, because he knew the ant could not swim...but the ant did not give up. He learned to swim.

Then the giant traveled to the jungle to hide, but he was as tall as the trees!

And the ant found him. The giant was scared again.

The ant climbed closer, but the giant was tired of running away. He did not know where else to hide. He got angry at the little ant. He was so mad, he yelled, “Why do you keep following me? Leave me alone! Don’t bite me!”

The ant called out, “I just want to be your friend!”

“But I don’t want to be friends with someone who will bite me!” the giant yelled.

“Bite you? Why would I bite you? You are the best friend I have! That’s why I joined you on all your adventures! I want to see the world like you do, even though I’m so little. You are as tall as trees! Your house is as high as the clouds! You took a rocket to outer space and rode a submarine deep down into the ocean. Then you walked fearlessly into the jungle. And you were NEVER scared! I want to be BRAVE AND COURAGEOUS LIKE YOU!”

The giant was not angry or scared anymore. He was very surprised. “You think I am brave?” he asked. “No, my little friend, you are the courageous one. I was running away from you, because I thought you were going to hurt me!”

“How could I hurt you?” the ant laughed. “My whole body is smaller than your freckles!”

They both laughed, because this was true.

“You can come to my house if you'd like,” the giant told his new friend. “We can watch the clouds from my window!”

“I’ve climbed the walls before, because I heard you crying. I wanted to cheer you up, but I didn’t know how. I thought you needed a friend.”

The giant smiled, and nodded his head. And that is the story of a giant who became friends with a little red ant.