The First Trip

The girl’s name was Dalena Manoban. Being the only child born and raised in America she travels for the first time to her parents origin.
“But I do not wish to go!” Says Dalena as her mother carries her last batch of clothing into Dalena’s suitcase.
“The tickets are bought and we leave at 1400 Dalena!” Says Dalena’s mom, furiously zipping the suitcase. The girl being fresh out of high school has lived a very successful life in her time in America.
“I know nothing of Thailand mother! I've yet to find any interests in the language, culture or traditions. I don't know anyone there. I fear being lonely.” said Dalena as she starts to tear up. “What if I get lost, not knowing how to get anywhere and possibly never coming back.?!” Says Dalena yelling loud enough to wake her cat.
Her mother does not respond and walks out the room in disappointment of Dalena as she closes the door behind her.

“Not boarding flight to Seoul, South Korea.” Dragging the two largest suitcases, Dalena follows her mom to the entrance where their tickets are scanned.
“Hello young lady.” Says an old Asian woman looking woman with pale, wrinkled skin as she smiles back.
“How many times have you been to Bangkok?” Says the old woman, leaning forward to hear a response.
“Actually I've never been to Thailand before. This is my first time leaving Colorado.” Said Dalena as she steps back for personal space from the old woman.

“Are you scared of heights?” Says the old woman as she gives the airport assistant her plane ticket and goes through the tunnel to board the plane.
The girl had no idea what to say because she felt embarrassed not knowing what it was like to travel places. “Well I just don't have any interest in leaving this great country.” Says Dalena as they both walk through the tunnel.
“So this is your first time getting on a plane in your entire life?” Says the old woman.
“That is correct. I've never been on an airplane before, and this is my first time ever.” Says Dalena looking away in embarrassment as she realizes how boring her life is for the 1000 time.
They reach the end of the tunnel and are stopped again by the airport people to check the passports one last time before sitting. As Dalena takes one final breath she steps onto the plane giving the man her passport and smiles.
“First class is this way ma’am.” Says the man, pointing her in the direction of the finest seats in the plane. Dalena not knowing what first class meant, she just followed her mom where the man had pointed.
“It was nice talking!” says the old woman, as they part ways on the plane.
“Who was that?” Says Dalena’s mother putting her stuff up beside Dalena’s seat.
“I'm not sure.”
The flight was 13 hours long plus a short stop to South Korea then going straight to Bangkok.
“Anyways, don't worry, you’ll be fine there.” Says Dalena’s mom with her eyes closed and ready to take a nap.

The air was warm and reeked with the scent of gasoline from the machine that carried all the suitcases. The girl had felt nothing like it before as she sat on the bench with the luggage, feeling the air of the unknown country she has yet to explore.