Percy The Owl Reindeer

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Christmas was drawing near and for Percy the owl, this was his favorite time. Every year during Christmas, he would fluff out his snowy wings, fly down to the city, and watch the twinkling display of lights and tinsel. He found such joy in watching everyone in the town come together to prepare for Santa's arrival but, the one thing he always wished was that he could be a reindeer and guide Santa's sleigh. The other owls laughed at him and teased him about wanting to be a reindeer.

“What a stupid idea. Who ever hear of an owl being a reindeer. Watch out for Percy the owl reindeer!” they would shout as they flew away laughing hysterically.

Percy knew in his heart that they were all wrong and that his dream would come true.

He worked up the courage and decided to fly to the North Pole to ask if he could have this one Christmas wish.

The journey to the North Pole was long, cold, and tiring but for Percy the snowy owl, he never minded the cold. He flew farther and farther north through the falling snow until he finally came to Santa's village. He watched the busy elves run themselves crazy trying to get the presents loaded into the sleigh in time. The reindeer had started to line up to get their flying gear on and Santa stood next to the sleigh checking his list one more time.

Percy became so excited that he started to dive down shouting, "Santa! Santa!" His excitement distracted him so much that he crashed into a huge pile of snow. He limped out shaking the snow from his feathers and realized he had drawn attention from everyone around. They all stared down at the fuzzy tiny owl in disbelief.

Santa knelt down and asked, "What are you doing here, little fella?"

Percy cleared his throat as he began to explain. "Well, I flew up here for miles and miles because my one and only Christmas wish is to be a reindeer and help guide your sleigh!"

A deafening silence fell over the village as everyone glanced at each other.

Suddenly, a roaring laughter erupted from the crowd. They all pointed and laughed at the unimpressive little owl. Even Santa himself stood laughing.

Percy lowered his fluffy head in sadness.

Santa explained, "I'm afraid I can't turn you into a reindeer and you are far too small to fly with the reindeer but, you can ride in the sleigh with me tonight. Would you like that?"

Percy nodded with tears in his eyes. Santa scooped up the owl and perched him on the seat in the sleigh. The final preparations were complete and with a "Ho ho ho!" they took off into the night sky.

Percy sighed and laid his head on the side of the sleigh. He was so sad that his wish would never come true. He still knew in his heart that he could fly with the reindeer but without a chance to prove it, he wouldn't be able to.

"Santa!" Blitzen the reindeer shouted causing Percy to jump. "We can't see anything! The snow is too thick and the power in the city has been knocked out from this massive snow storm! We can't see where to land!"

Santa did his best to look over the side of the sleigh to see below but couldn't see anything from the heavy thick snow. Panic began to set in from the reindeer.

Percy's heart jumped for joy as he exclaimed, “I can do it! I can help!”

“Percy, you are way too small,” Santa said but Percy had the courage and determination to show that he could do anything he put his mind to.

Percy jumped up, flew through the snow and up to the front of the reindeer line. He shouted back at them, "I can see great in the dark and the snow! Follow me! I will guide you through the city!" The reindeer nodded in agreement.

The rest of the night, Percy lead the sleigh through each part of the city making sure not a single house was missed. Presents were delivered to each child safely.

Once the job was done and the snowstorm subsided, they all flew back to the North Pole. Santa hopped down from the sleigh with a thud, scooped Percy up in his arms, and hugged him tightly.

"Percy," Santa said, "you saved Christmas! Without your help we would not have been able to deliver any presents."

He walked over to the sleigh, plucked a jingle bell off and tied it with a golden string around Percy's neck.

"You are officially a reindeer, Percy. Merry Christmas!"

All the reindeer and elves cheered loudly for Percy.

Percy grinned as the reindeer shouted, “Hooray for Percy the owl reindeer!”

From then on, every year Percy flew with the reindeer helping guide them through cities, towns, and villages. No one ever made fun of Percy or doubted him again.

So from now on, don't forget to leave a little something special outside for Percy, the owl reindeer!