Dot Earns His Spots

Image of Set Stories Free - 2018
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Dot was a lady bug, but the thing about Dot is he had no spots and everyday Dot could expect to be bullied. Not only was he bullied but also his best friend Wendy the butterfly. The problem was Wendy could not fly. Every day at recesses Sid the spider, Stanley the walking stick and Patrick the praying mantis would bully Dot and Wendy.
It was just another day at recess when Wendy was out playing in the sandbox when the three bullies came. Sid, Stanley and Patrick went up to Wendy and poured sand on her head. The three giggled as all of the other bugs ran away too not allowing the same to happen to them. “What is the matter Wendy? Something bugging you?” bellowed Sid, the ring leader. Stanley and Patrick followed with laughter. “Leave me alone you guys, don’t you have homework to do?” whimpered Wendy, holding back tears. “Ha!” said Sid. “Don’t you know, we don’t do our home work, in fact we thought you could do it for us.”
“And why would I do this?” As Wendy stood up tall to show her courage. “Come on Wendy, sit back down you are not as tough as you look. You can’t even fly.” The three bullied burst into laughter. Then Sid leaned in a pushed Wendy onto the sand landing her with a thud. Tears rolled down her face as Sid grabbed Stanley’s and Patrick’s homework along with his own and shoved them into Wendy’s face. “I expect these to be done first thing tomorrow. They can’t be late!”
Dot who was watching this all from afar and thought, if only I was courageous enough to stand up for Wendy. I’d show those bullies that they can’t get away with their actions. That night Dot lie in bed thinking, why can’t I be brave, strong and courageous? Then he remembered, because I don’t have any spots. Everyone would just laugh if I even tried to stand up for Wendy.
The next day, Sid, Stanley and Patrick made their way to Wendy down the hall with their shoulders tucked back and chests puffed out. Poor Wendy cowered as the three made their way over. “Where’s our homework? It’s due next class,” Shouted Sid. Wendy sunk to her knees as they quivered under her weight. “I wasn’t able to finish them.” Sid angrily looked to Wendy before saying, “What do you mean you weren’t able to finish them!” Coming from a soft voice, Wendy told Sid “Well I needed to finish my work first and by the time I did it was time for bed.”
“I knew you were worthless”, said Sid. “Why don’t you just fly away?” “Oh yeah, that’s right, you can’t” said Sid. Wendy then stood up and ran away sobbing. The three bullies exploded in laughter. Enough was enough though Dot. I need to take action and stop these bullies. Dot stood up and marched over to Sid, Stanley and Patrick. Dot tapped Sid on the back saying, “You bullies are through. We aren’t taking this anymore.” “You and what army?” said, Sid bursting into laughter. Dot looked at the three bullies with a stern face saying, “Well if no one else is going to stand up to you three, then I will.”
“See it your way then spotless Dot.” Sid turned around and saw Wendy walking their direction with a handful of books. Sid went to knock the books from Wendy’s hands but before he could Dot stepped in front and was knocked onto his back. The three bullies were now laughing hysterically as Dot tried with all his might to roll from his back. “What’s the matter Dot? Need help getting from your spotless back?”
Just as Sid, Stanley and Patrick were rolling in laughter, Dot got to his feet. Amazement poured from their faces as the laughter ended. In fact everyone in the hallway stood in amazement. Dot didn’t just have one spot but was now covered and not in black spots but, yellow, purple, blue, orange, green and many more. Dot was covered all over his back with the spots of the color of a rainbow. The students cheered as Dot finely got his spots. The crowd of student hoisted Dot over their heads and carried him down the hall.
As the days past the three bullies, Sid, Stanley and Patrick ended their bully ways and kept to themselves and for Dot, well he had found the courage to stand up for not only for his best friend, Wendy, but for what was right and earned his spots. No one really knows if that’s how Dot earned his spots, but for all of the students, the courage Dot took fits his story.