Bob and Joey Happily Ever After?

“Wake up, Bob!”Bob’s mom yelled. “Time for school.”
“Ok Mom,” Bob yelled sarcastically, yawning. “Be down in a minute,” Bob said, falling back asleep.
“Bob are you sleeping again?” his mom yelled in a non delightful tone.
“NO!”Bob yelled while he was waking up again. He lied he is a liar.
He quickly got up and dressed. He went downstairs, stomping his feet like a big angry elephant.
“I don’t want to go to school,” Bob said in a moany, whiny tone.
“You have to,” Bob’s mom said,”Try to make new friends.”
But little did Bob and his mom know what was in store for him at school.
So about five minutes later Bob was at school, which was Blackhawk Christian School. He waited outside of the school building for the bell to ring.
Bob was in the middle of talking to one of his new friends, when this kid named Joey stepped out of the car. He was wearing a cat shirt. Bob knew he would not be very good friends with Joey.
The bell finally rang and Bob went to class, and apparently he and Joey were in the same class.
They were starting to unpack their school supplies when Bob started to brag, “I’ve been to Cedar Point 18 times this summer; Bet you haven’t been anywhere cool,” Bob said in a mocking tone.
“Sure I have,” Joey said fighting back tears.
“Oh yeah,” Bob said angrily, where?”
“ Well, I’ve been to Dollywood,” Joey said staying strong.
“Dollywood is so dumb,” Bob said and continued, “ It only has 2 rides bad shows and the rides are only kiddie rides. Cedar Point is way better,” Bob said proudly.
Joey didn’t say anything back to Bob. He just walked away very discouraged. After that fight, Bob’s class had a break.
Bob was talking to his friend when he had started to gossip.
Bob said,”See Joey over there meowing and purring? He is so weird!”
Joey heard him say that and told the teacher, Mrs. Edington, and she was so furious that she picked up a chair and threw it at the Smart Board and the screen shattered She also broke all of the students’ pencils and when the principal heard about this she immediately with no exceptions.
Then, they went to second period and it was science.
Bob didn’t know what group he was in, so he asked the teacher, Mrs. Avon, and she told him that he was in a group with Joey, Sam, and Nathan.
Bob was so mad that he yelled,”I hate you,” right to his face.
Joey started to cry and told Mrs. Avon.
When the principal heard about this, she wasn’t mad, although she almost expelled Bob, but she didn’t.
A few days later it was Sunday and it was time for Bob to go to church. So Bob went to church.
When Bob got to Sunday School Class, he stomped in because he didn’t want to be there.
When He went into Sunday school class he saw Bart and thought,” oh no it is him.”
Bart said to his friends,” hey see Bob over there he is so dumb,” Bart said to his friends.
“Well,”Bob said,”I don’t care what you think.”
“Whatever,” Bart said, sarcastically while rolling his eyes.
Bob hadn’t thought much of it until it got way worse.
Bart pushed Bob against the wall and said,” you are such a bratty pants.”
Bob couldn’t stand to hear this anymore. So he stormed over to the front of the room and told the leader of the group, Mr.Waddles. Mr.Waddles was so mad that he flipped the table.
Bob never saw Bart and his friends agian.
The next day it was time for school and Bob realized what Joey must've felt like when Bob bullied Joey.
So Bob was at break in class when he went up to Joey and said,” I am very sorry and i will never do it agian,” Bob said then continued,” Will you be able to forgive me? I understand if you don’t,” Bob said meaningfully.
“I’ll forgive you,”Joey said then continued,” Do you want to be best friends for the rest of the year?” Joey asked happily.
“Sure,” Bob said.
When recess came along later that day Bob and Joey played basketball together. Despite their differences, they ended up being the best of friends by the end of the year.