Adira's Puppy Pal Adventure

Image of Set Stories Free - 2018
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Grandpapa, I can’t find the puppy. He was just here on the couch Adira. Well, he couldn’t have gotten to far then Grandpapa. We have to find him, Grandpapa. Ok Adira, you check the basement, the kitchen, and the bathrooms upstairs. I will check all of the other bathrooms, and the bedrooms. Ok Grandpapa, off we go on the “Puppy Pal Adventure.” He is not in the bathrooms upstairs, or the kitchen. He isn’t in the other bathrooms, or in any of the bedrooms. The last place that we haven’t checked is, the basement. Um, I don’t think that he is in the basement Grandpapa. Did you check, Adira? No Grandpapa, I can’t. I am just too afraid to go down there by myself. I always hear noises down there, that remind me of the monster that I thought was once in my closet. Adira, you have to get over your fear. You and I both know that monsters aren’t real. Be brave, and have courage. You can do anything that you put your mind to. Don’t you love pal? Yes, Grandpapa. I have had Pal, since he was a very young pup. We are best buds for life. Well Adira, if you really care about Pal as much as you say that you do, go down there and see if you can find your pup. Okay, I will Grandpapa. I would go with you, but I know that you can do it. Here I go. Pal, Pal, are you down here. It sure is dark down here. Ruff, ruff. Who who’s there? Hello Pal, I am coming to find you. I won’t stop until I get my best bud for life back. I can’t wait to hug and kiss you, and we will play forever. I still don’t see anything yet, Grandpapa. Wait, I hear something coming from behind the washing machine. Is it, could it be, oh my, Grandpapa you have to come down here immediately. I am coming Adira. Grandpapa look, it is Pal, and Mrs. Cameron’s dog, Diamond. It looks as if Diamond’s stomach is about to explode, and her and Pal have been down here this whole time. Come on Adira, we have to get Diamond to the veterinarian. I will call Mrs. Cameron, and let her know. So Doc, how is she? She is well, and has had 8 beautiful pups. If you had not have gotten her here at the time that you did, her and her pups would have probably died. Well Doc, the one that was responsible for finding the pups, was Adira. Even though she was afraid at first, she got the courage to face her fears, and go down to the basement. This is where she found the pups, behind the washing machine. Awl, the boy pups look just like Pal. See what can happen when you face your fears. Since you had courage, you helped Pal and Diamond to have these amazingly beautiful pups. Grandpapa, where is Mrs. Cameron? She said that she will be here, right after she gets off of work. You are a very special young lady Adira. Thank you, Doc. Grandpapa, what do you suggest that we do with all of the pups? I think that we should keep them, and make them an honorary part of the family. You like that idea Pal? Ruff ruff. That sounds like a yes to me Grandpapa. Welcome home Pal and pups. Adira, I just got off the phone with Mrs. Cameron, and she said that we can keep the pups, and that Pal can come over at any time. I am so proud of you Adira, I knew that you could do it. Thank you for believing in me Grandpapa. You know that I always will, Adira.