The Man Who Didn’t Finish His

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This is the story of the man who didn’t finish his. He was called. His personal details show that he was born in. But no doubt that isn’t. Not much is known about.

It was in 1974 that people first began to hear about the man who didn’t finish his. In the middle of the oil crisis, he invented the famous. It was an invention that could save the. Unfortunately, when he went to register the patent, the project was rejected because in his report he continuously forgot the end of the.

This was the first time that his handicap had caused him to. So he decided to go and consult a. At the end of the first session, he decided to pay by. But after he had written the amount of the fee, the payee, the date and the place, he found it impossible to. So he could never again go and consult a. Feeling alone in the world, he decided to find his soulmate by publishing a little:

Male, aged
Height: 5 foot
Seeks: woman who likes 
Please only reply if you are
Telephone: 01 45 87 58
Email: hqnfps@

But it was a waste of. What woman would want a man who didn’t finish his? Resigned to the situation, he decided to leave the. He told himself that abroad his handicap would not be. He bought an airline ticket for. But when he arrived at the airport, he couldn’t answer the security questionnaire given out by the. He was rejected by. So he went back to his. What I am I going to do with my?

In despair, he thought about doing away with. He had recently bought a hand. He put a bullet in the. Placed the barrel against his. Pressed the. But nothing. In his hands, the weapon refused to utter the BANG! that would have released him from his.

Suddenly the telephone began to. He answered the.
“Who is?”
“Hello, I’m called. I found your advert in the. I’ve rung all the numbers that start with 01 45 87 58. I realised when I read your ad that we had the same. I’d like to get to know.”

At last the horizon looked. A female voice interested in. Hope began to.
“I’m really glad to hear from. Do you think we could?”
“What do you mean, do you think we could? But I hardly know!”
“No, you’ve got me all. I really want to get to know! I’d like to see... Er, are you doing anything this?”
“No, I’m as free as a. Where can we?”
“At Café.”
“Well, maybe the pizzeria.”
“The pizzeria called? The pizzeria with great pizza at? Pizzeria San? We’ll never manage to meet if you can’t manage to finish your!”
“It’s right next to the!”
“Oh, forget.”

And she brutally ended the.

Abandoned by everyone, he finally let himself. They found his corpse three weeks. Lying on his bed, his body half. He is to be buried without any further ado at the cemetery of. On his tomb can be read this mocking epitaph: “For the first time in my life I have managed to get to the”


Translated by Wendy Cross


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Victoria L Miles · ago
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WiiKend · ago
Thank you for the English translation, very good job indeed. I'm honored.
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Brewster · ago
I found the story to be. Thanks for. Didn't see that. Sincerely.
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Elloco Delaspraderas · ago
my mom told me this story before, really cool