The Definition of Courage

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Why do we bother to live if we're going to die? What's the purpose of life?
These questions I have wondered since I was 7, you might think why do a 7 year think these kinds of stuff. When you're me there is no limit to thinking.
My name is Winter Davis and this is my story.
Ever since I was a little girl , I chose to not fear anything . I live by the quote "Nothing to fear but fear itself". I've always had courage to accomplish anything except one. My dad always used to say having courage is important but having courage for the right thing is more important. I used think he was wrong but now I'm not so sure. There are people who have courage in this world but they choose not to display it. I'm one of those people , I remember when I was in 5th grade there were people bullying this one kid . They just seem to hate on her for no reason . What did I do to stop it? Nothing. I chose to follow in their lead and do nothing about it which was worse than anything. I didn't think anything of it until she took her life with her own hands. Ever since that day , I feel like the wind whistles louder and louder . It's like it's telling me something. So take my advice and always listen to the whistling wind. It's okay if you're afraid of cretain things and if you have courage for certain things but just make sure you save some courage to use for the right time.


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