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Everything is fluid. I can feel the biting caress of the wind stinging my cheeks. I can see the blue sky stretching out to infinity and feel the intoxication of speed catching my heart. There is no finer delight than to fly, to feel free. With my body pressed against the sharp scales of my mount, I contemplate the immensity of the verdant plains. I let myself be swept away by the delight of looking down on the world. The white clouds swoon in the azure sky, I travel through their misty, cotton-like mass, I mingle with them in a great surge of joy. I never imagined that one day I would be able to go for a ride on a dragon. I never imagined reaching that sovereign height where even the mountains look tiny. On the horizon, I can see the great chain of the summits of Sarandiane, the black peaks passing before my eyes. I feel like the master of the skies. I keep rising ever closer to the sun. The golden star sends me its shimmering rays; it bathes my face in its kindly light. I feel as if nothing can stop me. I lean my forehead against the back of my heavenly steed and feel the vibrations of his blazing power, his heart like a forge hammering in a chest of steel. The golden dragon is all-powerful; he is the king of the world, the most admired creature of any continent. He takes me on a journey to the farthest reaches of the blue, through all the shades of azure. He carries me through a universe with no barriers, where the wind of tranquillity blows, a kingdom of vast reaches. Perched on his neck, I am only a frail passenger, a horseman with no reins, a companion on the flight. He is my guardian, my friend, my most trustworthy ally. I smile when I hear the thunder that is the beating of his wild wings. I fill myself with his strength, I float in his aura of magic power like a child cradled by his parents. There is between us an indescribable subtle and secret link. Our mingled spirits marry together. My thoughts reside in him and his calm awareness inhabits me. We are as one. We travel through space and over lands like two brothers sharing the joy of a saga. I could not dream of a more beautiful coming together. I do not know how it all happened. But from now on, we are joined by an indestructible pact. I am the servant of his wisdom, I am his pupil, his last heir. He has decided that I should learn all of his ancient knowledge. He has promised me the mysteries of life and is giving me the greatest of all freedoms.

Translated by Wendy Cross


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Image of Bobby Gupta
Bobby Gupta · ago
I liked your descriptions of the ground below while you flew on the dragon. Would like to see more of this story like where you are headed or what quest you are on.
Image of Jonathan Bojan
Jonathan Bojan · ago
Solid short read, though I can't say it's much to my taste. The images feel very worn out. I think I would have gotten more into it if it had felt more unique. Excellent flow though, definitely keep writing!
Image of Margot Swania
Margot Swania · ago
What a surprise! J'ai eu l’irrésistible envie de découvrir la version anglaise de ce site pour travailler ma langue et quel ne fut pas mon étonnement de tomber sur ce texte que j'ai lu et apprécié en anglais mais qui n'est autre que français à l'origine. Je m'en vais donc redécouvrir sa version originale!