A Lost Girl

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A girl feeling so alone and out of this world, there’s no sense of hope. With her parents being dead and she being in the foster care system, the girl doesn’t have family. Emily is her name. Emily has seen it all, from the drug dealers to the prostitutes to the strung out crack heads on the corner. Emily’s life has never been “picture perfect “. Her parents were killed a gun point , she does have a older brother but haven’t seen him sense he packed his bags and left. Emily is alone in this cold cold world and hopes for one day for happiness.


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Image of Katla Ignis
Katla Ignis · ago
It’s sad that lives like this are too common.
You did a good job conveying an entire life in a single paragraph.
I think you’ll like my story, “Do You See Me?”. The link to it is here: https://short-edition.com/en/story/3-min/do-you-see-me

Image of Danie Botha
Danie Botha · ago
What a sad, sad rendition of a life.
Yet, there are so many Emilys out there ... hoping ...