How to Become a Prophetess

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Once upon a time, a young brunette sat outside the nearly empty train station in Brockingway. She pulled her purple shawl tighter around her shoulders. The snow that had began to come down stuck to her french braided hair and her dark lashes. There were no trains in the station, hadn’t been for hours. The only other person around was the sweet old security guard. “Miss, are you sure you wouldn’t rather wait inside?” he asked her for the third time that night. “It’s quite chilly out.” He said, sitting beside her. “Oh no, I’d much prefer to wait out here thanks.” she said, not looking him in the eyes. “Alright. Well I’d best be making my rounds again.” He said with a tip of his cap. She nodded to him as he left. Being the only one there was a bit eerie. She had to do this though. Taking a deep icy breath, she cooled her racing thoughts. Finally, finally a train whistle blew in the distance. She could make out a light too. She clenched her teeth in anticipation. The cargo train pulled into the station. The cargo inside wasn’t people though, as you might expect. It was something much better. As it pulled up, she stood to her feet and grabbed her leather suitcase by the handle. Her feet slipped as she made her way to one of the cars. The one marked with an image of an oil can. Men had started to appear, unloading the heavy items. She snuck around the side of the car, and fingered the lock around the handle. Of course. She pulled a pin from her bag and started to pick the lock. It clanked to the ground and she pulled the groaning door open.
“Are you lost princess?” a voice asked from above. Her feet slipped out from under her and she landed on her butt with a thump. She looked up in fear. A boy with curly blonde hair and green eyes stared at her from the top of the train car. He was sitting up there with his legs criss crossed. He couldn’t have been much older than her, and she didn’t see him as much of a threat. “No, I know what I’m doing.” She said, clambering to her feet and dusting herself off. “What ARE you doing?” He asked her, jumping off the ladder and landing next to her. His green eyes pricked her skin. “I’m going to home.” she said simply, starting to pull open the door. “Woah woah woah, you do know what’s in there right?” he said incredulously, putting a hand on her arm to stop her. “Yes I’m aware, get your filthy hands off me!” she said, pushing him away. “Who are you?” he said, a bit offended. “Rajha. Who are you?” she asked him. “I’m Aron.” he said, sticking out his hand. She took it, rather slowly. His clothes were dirty, as well as his face and hair. He wore worn out brown trousers and a white shirt with suspenders and plain shoes. His eyes still unsettled her. A lantern light came into view and Rajha scrambled under the train to hide.
“Oi, boy! What do you think you are doing?!” A gruff voice said, smacking Aron across the face. Rajha flinched in her hiding place. “Thinking to release the snake are ya? That’ll get you a whippin’ for sure!” the voice said, obviously taking in the lock on the ground. Rajha held her breath. He was surely going to turn her in, wasn’t he? Wasn’t he? But he didn’t. He, in fact, didn’t say a word. “Let’s get a move on, boss will have a hefty punishment for this!” the man said, dragging Aron by the ear. Now was her chance. Rajha pulled open the door and threw her suitcase inside. But then she looked back. She felt bad knowing he was going to be punished because of her. “Aaaaaargh, what an awful day to have a conscience.” She said, scowling at the stars. Then she turned and ran towards the light of the lantern. She pulled the dart gun out of her boot, aimed, and blew. With a loud thunk the man fell to the icy, snow covered ground. The lantern crashed and blew out in the icy wind. Aron turned around in surprise. “Well, looks like you won’t be getting that whipping you’d so been looking forward to.” She said with a smirk. Then she turned on her heels and ran back to the car with the precious cargo. HER precious cargo. “Hey wait!!” Aron called, running after her. Out of breath, she scrambled aboard the car and slammed the heavy door shut. Aron was seconds too late. The train whistle blew and the train started to move. Aron jumped onto the ladder and clambered aboard the roof. Then he pounded on the door. Rajha confusedly slid open the door and peered out. There was only the icy wind and snowflakes scurrying through the trees. She started closing the door again.
“BOO!” a face shouted at her. She screamed, falling backwards into the car. Aron chuckled, then swung himself into the car and shut the door. “It’s just me.” He said with a laugh.. Rajha huffed. “What are YOU doing here?” she asked angrily. “Well, I really just wanted to thank you. You didn’t have to save me back there.” He said, scratching the back of his neck. “A life for a life.” She shrugged. “What are you doing here though? Are you a stowaway?” Aron asked her as she unbuckled her suitcase and pulled out her own lantern and a match. “Pfft, no!” She said, rolling her eyes. “Are you... a spy?” he asked next. She lit the lantern and held it towards his face. “No. I’m going home!” she said, staring into his green eyes.
Those eyes took hold of her soul and she couldn’t look away. Finally he broke away and she blinked in surprise. “Home?” he said. “Why did you choose the snake car?” Angrily Rajha held the lantern into the corner, lighting up a cage. A huge scaly reptile slithered inside the too small cage. “He and I are both far from home.” she said, going to pet his head. “WOAH!!! That’s a Gaboon Viper!” Aron said, slapping her hand away. “Do you know how venomous those things are?!?! You could have DIED!” Rajha started cracking up hysterically. “Hah...gotcha!” she said, in between giggles. “I don’t see what’s so funny!” Aron said, blowing a curl out of his face. Rajha stopped laughing. “Unlike me, he had his venom extracted long ago. They can’t ever take MY venom.” Rajha said, once again latching onto his eyes. Aron stared into her deep midnight black ones. The reflection of the lantern in her eyes made it look like her soul was on fire. “Okay... that’s a little creepy...” He said, trying to convince himself that he hadn’t made a mistake jumping onto this train.
She sneered at him. “It’s the truth.” He unconsciously scooted a little farther from her. “Anyways, where’s home to you Rajha?” he asked curiously. “Have you ever heard of the Garden of Eden?” She whispered with a grin. Then the lantern blew out with a flash, leaving them enshrouded in darkness. The only source of light came from two glowing red eyes.

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