Creative Nonfiction

Illegal Work

Pui Yu Ng

When I was a little girl, I would often be alone at home and no one took care of me. The domestic helper, a young Philippine woman, Arnida seems to be very busy all the time. She is often late to pick ... [+]

Creative Nonfiction

The Woman With Many Names

rach elizabeth

You’d think a woman with many names would have trouble defining herself.
Her high school friends call her Lexi. They know her as outgoing and hilarious. Really, she is the “glue” of the ... [+]

Creative Nonfiction

A Lesson in Letting Go

Elizabeth Kenning

How do you politely throw up in the back of a taxicab? I can feel my stomach tightening, the bitter, acidic taste rising in the back of my throat. I look down at the cardboard bowl provided by the ... [+]

Creative Nonfiction

Jimmy Would Get Jeaouls

Brooke Anderson

I’m going through my collection of CD’s—A Pentatonix Christmas, Mariachi Cobre, Tim McGraw—when a small paper book bound by two orange ribbons with a water-color picture of pink and coral ... [+]

Creative Nonfiction

My Personal Cheerleaders

Hannah Hardy

A frigid breeze whipped across my face. I, standing on the shore, stared out across a glacial lake of Homer, Alaska. As our tour guide informed us, that glacial lake sits in the mountains full of ... [+]

Creative Nonfiction

Authors Notes

Nicolas Sollors

Authors Notes
Thank you for reading one of the stories I wanted to tell. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.
I have been thinking about this story for a while now, and I would ... [+]

Creative Nonfiction

Nana's Photograph

Madison Sheldrake

My nana’s house feels like fine china and lace.
The walls are white, the furniture floral, every decoration a refined antique. The house is delicate and apart from everything I know—like I’ve ... [+]

Creative Nonfiction

Orange Eggs and Ecstasy

Adelle Else

Today I had orange eggs for breakfast.
I thought it was strange so I looked it up and found that an especially happy chicken lays eggs with orange yolks. It saddened me to think of the countless ... [+]

Creative Nonfiction


Taylor Fischer

The radio blares on, playing the latest pop song, a radio game, or a discussion of the day’s traffic. You look over to the red analog letters: 4:30 AM. The sun has yet to wake up, it’s still ... [+]

Creative Nonfiction

Open Letter on a Broken Heart

Adrienne Powell

Dear —,
Here’s my two cents about thieving: if you’re going to steal someone’s heart, you should let them have yours; it’s hard to live without a heart, you know. If they can’t have ... [+]

Creative Nonfiction


Whitney Brown

I went to bed early last night, which is something I only do when I could really use some extra sleep. It was a good plan and an honest attempt to take better care of my body. But at 12:45 a.m., I ... [+]

Creative Nonfiction

The Letter From Hogwarts

Minh Nguyen

“Why am I not a wizard?”
“Why would you want to be a wizard?”
“I don’t know. Maybe Wingardium Leviosa my problems away forever? That would be so much easier than facing them alone ... [+]

Creative Nonfiction

Ashes to Ashes

Tyler Slade

I remember visiting Heidi in San Francisco, when I was younger. She was so charismatic in those days, her icy blue eyes glinting mischievously as she lay sprawled out beneath the window, looking like ... [+]

Creative Nonfiction


Sarah Rowe

Memories are like puzzle pieces – tiny snippets of a bigger picture, meaningless in isolation. One piece might show half of a face; one memory might contain a happy moment. You can’t tell what a ... [+]

Creative Nonfiction


Niels Turley

Stretched out between the living room and the kitchen, straddling the fuzzy carpet and cold tile, lies the warm spot—a vent affectionately named for its delightful puff onto a child’s cold toes. I ... [+]

Creative Nonfiction

The Season of the Moth

Collin Leslie

A dark grey weight pulled down on the city, washing out the color and light. The air was dry, and a suffocating heat wafted between the buildings and over the streets. A reminder that beyond the ashen ... [+]

Creative Nonfiction

How to Do Your Puzzle

Sophie Cassidy

I love puzzles. It’s calming to know that everything has its place, and that if I look hard enough I will find it. It doesn’t matter how many times I break a puzzle down; with a little effort, I ... [+]