The Russian Song

Write Like no one ever gonna read them!

Image of Long Story Short Award - Fall 2020
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I’m sitting on the couch, staring at the roof. One of my legs is on the table that is filled with cups and garbage. The plant next to my foot is dried. A slight light enters the room from the gap between the dark blue, thick and ugly curtains. I have no idea what time it is, no idea A Russian song is playing from the ropy radio. I don’t understand a word of it But, I feel like Russian people get the feeling that they have to do something important after hearing this song!
I put my other leg on the table. I look at the roof and think to myself.
“Women might be complicated creatures, but they all get sad in the same way. Whether you are Elizabeth Taylor and you are sitting in a bubble bath or Scarlett O'Hara in the movie “Gone with the Wind”. Whether you are the lover of a Russian soldier in the world war or an opera singer at La Scala in Millan or you are a woman doing laundry and singing an 80’s song. We all get sad the same way. We sit, stare and think!”.
The Russian song is still playing. If I knew Russian, I would understand that the song is asking me to have hope or at least do something to be hopeful again!
I couldn’t resist, grabbed my laptop from the middle of the cups. I had to understand what the hell this song wants me to do! I searched for the song name as soon as the lady on the radio said it. It was a famous song in the Soviet Union army. I smirked as soon as I read the translation of the lyrics.

“Come out my dear, we will say goodbyes
Maybe forever
But let’s celebrate this moment
Wish me happiness
Come out my dear
Everyone is fighting for happiness
I say goodbye to you at the door
Kiss me and let’s celebrate this moment”

I stood up, played the song from the beginning, Humming the rhythm of the song. Grabbed a cup of water, I walked toward the dark blue curtains that didn’t look as ugly as they used to. I saw the dried plant on the table. I smiled and purred the water in the flowerpot.