Short Story Dispenser

For Loiterers and Literati Alike

The art of storytelling goes back more than 17,000 years to the earliest known place, the Lascaux Caves in southwestern France, where ancient stories are told through painted symbols on the walls of the caves. Today in France, Short Édition is keeping this artform alive with their own modern innovation, attesting to the timelessness of literature.

The French publishing house’s Short Story Dispensers are delivering fiction to the public and breathing new life into the art of storytelling. The Dispensers are connecting readers across countries and cultures by publishing contemporary short stories, free of charge. Short Édition’s innovative design provides people with literary experiences in unexpected places: from train stations to libraries to cafes, hotels, universities and Francis Ford Coppola’s wineries. The list goes on and on.

The Short Story Dispenser

Part of the story is the way in which it is told. Not only do they provide the stories, Short Story Dispensers become part of the stories themselves…

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Imagine — a mother and son waiting in line at a Ferris wheel in Irvine, CA press the three minute button on the nearby Dispenser and escape into a fictional world for just a few moments...

At the same time, a young student in Hong Kong, tired after a long day in the library, presses the one minute button on her campus Dispenser, hoping for a humorous story to brighten her afternoon...

While a few moments later and one continent over, an elderly couple, standing on the platform waiting for their train to arrive in Paris, presses the five minute button and, heads bent close, they read the story together, swapping a knowing smile as the train approaches.

Francis Ford Coppola: from publisher to Short Édition fan to Investor

image of Zoetrope

For the film director, Francis Ford Coppola, it was love at first sight when he saw an article about the Short Story Dispenser.
He immediately hopped on a plane to Paris to be the first to show-case free art in his Zoetrope Café in San Francisco.

Most people do not know that for over 20 years he has published the “Zoetrope: All-Story" magazine, devoted to nothing other than....short stories!
“I love to give art for free to people." - Coppola 2017

Not only is Mr. Coppola a Short Édition fan to date, he has invested in Short Édition’s capital to feed the company’s international development.
Now that is one invested fan!