Leaves of Elixir

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Collaborate with me-branches and leaves...

As a whole body

Like a green organism breathing


Integrating a cerebral halo


Reverberating about-


Approaching homeostasis

Our arms reach out with

intertwining stems and radiant leaves that relay info

From one cell to the next


Where our ciliated leaves expire oxygen

and our nose inhales a mystical vapor

and not with a spurious chin-protruding 


But, breathing in and out

sipping bubbles from carbonated suds

That pop and float above the soil


We must chlorophyll our brains with a light transformation

Into accepting glucose

A sugary delight-sweet & true

That signals every leaf on every branch to open up

And capture vibrational light

converting more energy into inspiring the whole tree


A sweet sap for the bark, branches, and phloem

Layers of chloroplasts stack a pigmented bunch of sponges

Absorbing rays attenuated to serene green


The halo of waves bouncing off our cerebral screen

Resonating an invisible aura that our eyes can’t see

But a sensation of healing that can overcome

the willow of our ways


When we respire as a whole

Our vitals infuse us with life sustaining an

Elixir that drugs alone cannot provide


Approaching balance, we

Function as one, supporting every leaf on our tree

Fueling life, perpetuating wonder and pleasure at

a constant pace toward healing









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