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Sylvie Loy

5 min
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We were a small procession of a few men and women rowing out to sea. Huddled in a fragile skiff, we floated on the waves. After passing the lighthouse, by general consent we had set a course for ... [+]

1 min
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My father used to say that butterflies only landed on the prettiest flowers. And on people who possessed a beautiful soul.
When I was a child, butterflies often used to land on me. And that made ... [+]

Winner - Jury Selection
Grand Prix Eté 2016
3 min
202   2119 readings
I was young. Between childhood and an adolescence. The innocence of my feelings was fighting with romantic ambition. I was in love with her. She knew it and played on it. Inevitably. Long, languorous ... [+]

Finalist - Community Selection
Grand Prix Automne 2016
1 min
133   1422 readings
“There you go! Start here. The road’s straight and flat. There’s nobody here either, it’s nice and quiet, and no children. No traffic either, it’s Sunday.”

That spring Sunday in ... [+]

Finalist - Community Selection
Grand Prix Hiver 2014

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