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Sandra Dullin

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I creep down the stairs with muffled steps. I turn on the kitchen light. Time seems to be standing still. Copper saucepans lined up against the wall, pottery bowls, cups and plates on the shelves, a ... [+]

Finalist - Jury Selection
Livres en Tête 2016 - Lever de bonheur
By Short Édition
3 min
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The first day, Achille wrote his love on blue paper which he folded over and over with care. A beautiful aeroplane with a pointed nose like the ones that sometimes made colored patterns in the sky. ... [+]

Finalist - Community Selection
Livres en Tête 2016 - Tintamarre du soir
1 min
26   1374 readings
There are about sixty teenagers gathered in the main square for the 10K race. They are all wearing different colored bibs according to the charities they represent. Adam has met up with Martin and ... [+]

By Short Édition

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