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Quand la neige fond...

2 février 1991
Le ciel est gris, la neige blanche. Béatrice virevolte entre les flocons en riant. Ses cheveux sont tout blancs à présent, mais elle n’en a que faire. Samuele l’attrape pa ... [+]

Winner - Jury Grand Prix Hiver 2016
Recommended By Short Édition

Santa Claus’s Understudy

Once upon a time in the North Pole, Santa Claus realized he had a problem. 
Santa Claus was getting up there in age, and he was starting to get tired. His rheumatism and impressive ... [+]

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Short Fiction

A Decisive Arrow

With his arm outstretched and his shoulders relaxed, he concentrates on the target. No rush. Shooting with a bow and arrow is a delicate art. He remembers the words of his trainer, “You have to be ... [+]



Huffle walked heavily along. He had just had another argument with his father. Flamethrower was a big ruby dragon aged 625 and he could not stand the fact that his youngest son did not have a job. ... [+]

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An Exotic Bird

The little girl was playing at the edge of the garden. She had decided, on this warm summer’s afternoon, that she was going to be an archaeologist. Equipped with her beach bucket, a little plastic ... [+]

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