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Nwaokwu CBenard

Born in Elemage, Eastern Nigeria, Nwabueze Benard is the last child of seven children. As one who loves education, Benard had primary and secondary education at Ahia Orie Central School, Government College Umuahia, Umuselem Community secondary school, Rivers state. Benard had a diploma program in Law, and later bagged a degree in English and Literature from Abia State University, Uturu, Nigeria.

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Short Fiction

He Got Missing

When men and women in the Africa oil richest community, finding their own way to a poor power supply, and incessant fuel scarcity. These people deserve more than what they are getting from the ... [+]

Short Fiction

The connection house

On that Saturday night, like every other weekend in the connection house, with very few exceptions. Sunny Bonga stood at the door of the ghetto, he was looking handsome in casual black trousers and ... [+]

Short Fiction

Baby Factory

Anthony rushed home, very early. He went to the bathroom. He did not heat the water on a cooking stove but simply removed his black trousers and T-shirt. The cold bath that evening felt good to him ... [+]

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