Nathan Alling Long

Nathan is the author of a collection of fifty short fictions, The Origin of Doubt, a Lambda Award finalist. His stories and essays have appeared in over 100 publications. He's received a Truman Capote grant, a Mellon Foundation Fellowship, and scholarships to Bread Loaf and Sewanee Writers Conferences. He teaches at Stockton University and lives in Philadelphia.

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Short Fiction


They called her the girl with the big ears, though they didn't call her that to her face. That is, not to her ears. Not exactly. Not intentionally. They were sitting in the cafeteria—one line of ... [+]

Short Fiction

A Box of Things

"She's a difficult pleasure," I said of my ex-wife. I was standing at the front door of her house, talking to her new partner, Sammy, a woman. My ex-wife, Lily, was not there.
We both took in ... [+]

Short Fiction


"You're in New England," the man in front of me said with a British accent, so my mind—which I knew was not running completely clearly—assumed he meant that we both were in a new version of ... [+]

Short Fiction

Fred Is (Not) an Arsonist

Fred is an arsonist—and, Fred is not an arsonist. Let me explain: Fred has thought of fire, its power and grace, for a long time. Perhaps since he was a child. He often watched fires, mesmerized ... [+]