Keturah McQuade

Keturah is from southern Virginia with its trees, rainstorms, dragonflies, and fairies and is currently studying chemical engineering at Brigham Young University.

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Published works

Creative Nonfiction


Keturah McQuade

I stand, face tilted to the floor with my mouth half open and my unfocused eyes drifting like a bobber with no fishing line. My mind is blank yet filled with thoughts—too many to explore, so I ... [+]

Long Story Short Award 2022 - Creative Nonfiction


Keturah McQuade

Topsoil crumbles in my hands.
I am digging, parting the ground like Moses
only I see no Fathe ... [+]

Long Story Short Award 2022 - Poetry
Short Fiction


Keturah McQuade

Anya sat slumped on the couch with her hands on her stomach, anxiously anticipating her husband's return from work. She watched emptily as her breathing raised her hands slowly up and down. Her navel ... [+]

Long Story Short Award 2022 - Short Fiction
Creative Nonfiction

Where Magic Goes to Die

Keturah McQuade

My hands used to create magic. I think with the increasing demands of adulthood, they've had their spark pulled right out of them. My little sister's hands still glisten with it, but I fear he ... [+]

Finalist - Jury Long Story Short Award Fall 2020 - Creative Nonfiction