Ann Garrett

Ann Garrett was born in Salt Lake City, Utah and grew up playing in the gully behind her family’s house, hiking in the Rockies, riding horses, raising animals and skiing. At the age of fourteen she began to work with children who were emotionally disturbed. She has never stopped.

Ann attended the University of Utah where she received degrees in sociology and social work. During her junior year in college Ann lived in Switzerland and traveled throughout Europe.

For over thirty years Ann has lived in the Los Angeles area, working in a residential treatment center and therapeutic school for children with problems. She currently is a full-time writer and seeker of fun.

Travel and adventure are Ann’s favorite activities. She loves kids, animals, writing, and photography.

Ann is the author of Keeper of the Swamp (which was also published in Spanish as Guardian Del Pantano). She also wrote Fins and Flippers, Scales and Nippers, Stardusters, War of the Dark God, What's for Lunch?, What's for Dinner?, and Tales of Tails in collaboration with the late Gene-Michael Higney. Ann also co-authored a book for adults with Nancy Goodell entitled TLC FOR FRAZZLED KIDS, Helping Grown Ups Help Kids.

Happily married, Ann lives and writes in California with two little dogs.

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Here's Ears

Ann Garrett

Elephants use their ears as fans;they're so much bigger than a man's.They scatter pesky flies with ease,and really stir up quite a breeze.This dog is called a Basset Hound.His tummy almost skims the ... [+]


Snoot's Snouts

Ann Garrett

Snoot the Pooch was sad one day.
"I wonder why I look this way.
My nose is doggone commonplace.
It's just so boring on my face."
"I'd feel better, I suppose,
if I could have a brand new ... [+]