Out of Sight Out of Mind

Once upon a not so great time, lived two small kids in one big neighborhood. Yes, I’m talking about a seven year old and a ten year old. Of course they had no idea that today would be considered the worst day of their life, frankly they haven’t even had the best day of their lives yet. “Momma, why does it have to rain so much?” said Bailey the seven year old. “Yes momma, why can’t it just be sunny?” said korah the other child.

Bailey and Korah thought really hard about a lot of things, like their father’s invention that their mother said they were never allowed to see, and that it was unimportant, and how the rain slowly changed to sparks and pieces of rock, but nobody even noticed how creatures were slowly being let down from the sky.

Throughout the day the children and their mom stayed home and watched some Netflix, because as you may know, school was canceled. The children decided that they wanted something to eat, so they attempted to go to the store with their mom. Not even a second after they walked out the door, something truly very terrible happened. The mom was taken, they were not quite sure who had taken her but this definitely was not usual. The kids rushed inside, and without their mom telling them that they couldn’t look at their fathers invention, they went into the garage and saw something impossible.

When they looked they saw not only a huge “portal” you could say, but strange looking creatures coming out of it. They immediately without thinking jumped in. Of course the world was being killed and their mom was gone but it just seemed like the best idea to them to just jump right in.

Without knowing where they were going, they had no time preference and had to just believe that they would land somewhere safe in no time. Korah mumbled something to herself while in in the corner, if there even is a corner in a portal, Bailey kept repeating something over and over and over. Something like cast trophy, catafee, no it was it was catastrophe. She was saying catastrophe. Finally after around two hours, the children arrived in some would say a different world, but it still looked almost yes almost the same as Earth. “ Korah I’m scared please, please find a way out” said Bailey. “ I know, but we have to find mom”.

They walked and walked for hours, gathering a few weapons, some hopefully edible food, and they eventually found what they thought was a safe place to sleep. They woke up and found two of the creatures that they now call “inhumans” staring right passed them. Now the Inhumans were running towards them! They used a crowbar and a small knife to attempt to harm or kill the Inhumans.

Finally, after Bailey slashed and almost killed an inhuman with her crowbar, Korah killed the other one and finished off the one Bailey had started, they both decided to move to a different shelter. It is bad enough that they lost their mother to these Inhumans, but now Korah and Bailey were standing right over their dead father, and a few feat forward lay their dead mother as well.

They cried and cried for the longest time but realized that nothing was going to bring them back
not even their love for them. Then out of nowhere they had a vision, to before they were even born. “ There has to be Oxygen on another planet, and there has to be something in-human like aliens, I know there is. I will show you, I will enter this portal without a space suit, this portal leads to an unknown planet that I named Julien.” said their father. Both children then realized that they were on the planet that there father had named Julien and could not help but cry some more, not because of their father but because they had nothing else to do and had no chance of survival.

Korah and Bailey had encountered more Inhumans or as their father called them aliens, on the way to their new shelter, they lived on the planet Julien for about four years fighting off Inhumans and scavenging to find food and they were almost out of it. Over time they learned that they could boil the drool of the Inhumans to get the worst tasting water, and that occasionally you can use the bones of an Inhuman to make soup, but of course that tasted just as horrible as the water.

The children spent most of their days searching for the portal back home, and never found it, always ending up tired at the end of the day but still having to fight off Inhumans. By this time, the Inhumans never really bothered them and they were used to it.

It was now Bailey’s eleventh birthday or around that time, they couldn’t really tell. Korah had turned fourteen about two months before that. Korah brought Bailey a small gift, it was a flower, one of the only flowers on the whole planet of Julien. Korah watched this flower grow for months even years and waited till it was about one foot tall and five inches wide.

This was a catastrophe, Bailey had been right, but still her flower grew. Both children were starving, and dehydrated. They fought this off and hoped to just get better; of course this did not happen. Bailey got terribly sick, and she had no idea what the chances were that she would survive. This sickness was not the normal flu or even something as bad as cancer, this was a type of sickness worse than all others, but it had no name.

Bailey became very weak and was no longer strong enough to fight off the Inhumans, she was no longer able to scavenge for food, and Korah was always worried to leave her but had to or she would become ill to.

One night it was cold, which was unusual; Bailey felt even worse and was tossing, turning, and crying. In the morning when Korah woke up, Bailey was dead, lying there right next to Korah. The Inhumans were right outside and they smelled the meat and soon came for Bailey.

Korah walked and walked along the edge of the planet Julien, it was all she could do... until she saw the impossible! She ran as fast as she could all the way to the portal. She finally found it! She stepped in and went back to Earth without even a slight goodbye to the planet Julien.

When Korah arrived at Earth, she realized that there was something very unusual. She decided not to think about it, just look the other way, and live a normal life. Out of sight out of mind. Because it’s not like Inhumans can shapeshift.