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**An Angel’s Perspective on the Pandemic**

For centuries I watched the world mourn over their loved ones. I go to the hospitals and visit bedsides. Every night, I sit with the widows and the children as they grieve. Sometimes I sit at the local graveyards and remember my experiences with everyone there. I know their names and remember the moment they passed. Some have lived a righteous life and some have not.

Humanity thinks the world is ending because of the pandemic. Humanity thought the same thing during all wars, famines, and plagues. Do they not understand that every day is a day closer to the end of times? Death can be such a beautiful thing and many take a lifetime to understand it. It’s not a “Goodbye” it’s a “See you later.” The person isn’t gone forever. They have passed onto the other side. It brings me so much joy to see families and friends reunite with each other when they finally meet again. That is when they truly see that their loved ones are safe. They see how death is freedom when there is peace on the other side of it.

One day God will come again and remove all the suffering in the world. For now, I visit others to bring comfort and healing to them. Even when they feel like nobody is with them, I am there watching over them. I hear their cries and see their hurt. However, I do only what God commands me to do. I’ve cured people and saved their lives. I’ve had to allow death at times too but not always because of the virus.

I didn’t want to meet George Flyod, Breonna Taylor, or anyone that died unjustly but I had to because they were in so much pain. The pandemic has given humanity the time to change the world and their hearts. They don’t have to become Christian but they are learning the values of life. They are learning that time is precious and that people matter. They are learning to not take life for granted because anything can happen. They find joy in the “little things” like calling their family or reaching out to their community. They are united in ways they don’t even understand. I say this because not all of them take the crisis seriously. When they don’t take precautions and when they don’t protect themselves it impacts everyone. They know this but they are getting restless. Becoming restless will start a spiral...but there will be more angels.

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