The Knight In Gold Armor

I am a finalist in's America: Color It In, Summer Contest 2020. I have collaborated with public libraries in various states to create story walk projects. I aspire to write and ... [+]

Image of Short Fiction

There once was a thriving village ruled by a council of elders. Crops grew strong, bellies stretched wide, and rivers were inviolable. Neighbors were allies. One day, when the sun was at its highest point in the sky, a knight in gold armor came to the village. It spun tales of a mighty kingdom up north to the baker, to the farmers, and to the fathers and mothers. The council of elders welcomed the knight with feast and celebration, but after the fourth sunset it slipped into its gold armor and made its way back home. The village returned to a steady pace; familiar sounds and smells filled its streets. Still, young men are easy to sway and they forsake their mother's teachings. With hope in their belts and courage in their arms; they made the journey north. A towering sun and a hungry river took many of them to an eternal home, yet more came after looking for the riches in the mighty kingdom up north. Now, young men turned old recall the journey of long ago; their backs ache and they never forgot about the village - their true home.