The Gift of Sharing

In a magical world there lived a man who was blessed with everything life had to offer. He knew of no pleasure that was not his to enjoy. This man had a great many gifts; so many, in fact, it's impossible to tell of them all. A short list and your imagination may suffice.
This man could miraculously appear wherever he wished and shape reality as he desired. He understood the most minute workings of the universe and had explored it profusely. He enjoyed breathtaking sceneries and divided his time among the beautiful residences he kept. He loved his beachside resorts, seaside cottages, forest cabins, and mountain lodges. He kept various gardens, toured pleasant country sides, created sophisticated mansions, built grand palaces, and designed magnificent cathedrals.
When it comes to dining, he ate the most delicious and diverse foods whenever he liked. The perfected skills this man had developed were endless. His intellectual and creative abilities knew no bounds and he executed numberless physical feats with utmost grace, power, and coordination. This man was also incredibly handsome, and without pomp he exercised the impeccable fashion-sense with which he had been endowed.
He had worked tirelessly for an unbelievably long time to obtain the gifts he now enjoyed. Indeed, his life sounds quite enchanting and enchanting it was in all ways but one. The magical word in which he lived was completely devoid of company. As he walked along the streets of Paris, admiring the twinkling reflection of stars and streetlights in the peaceful river, he was entirely alone. "What is the purpose of pleasure?" he asked himself, "And to what end do I live?" He pondered and pondered and, finally, he prayed.
"O God, I thank thee for the gifts that thou hast given me and for the beauty of this world. I thank thee for the food I eat, the clothes I wear, the shelter I have, the health I enjoy, and the talents and abilities I have been blessed with. I pray that all things might be done according to thy will, thine infinite knowledge, and thy perfect love. Forgive my imperfections Father and hear my plea, that I might no longer be alone. I would give up everything I have if it meant there would be someone to share my life with."
Suddenly, he envisioned what a world full of people could be like: to love and be loved, to apologize and forgive, to teach and be taught, to laugh and lament, and to work together and be together. The beauty of connection was something he felt deep in his soul would surpass all the splendor he had ever known. After pouring out his heart to God, the man went to sleep. When he woke up, tired from a night of restless dreams, he found himself in the world he had dreamed of; a world full of those human connections he yearned for. He had traded his life of majesty for a life of love. To others, this new life may seem monotonous, but to him, the joy of being with those he loves is a priceless treasure. "Cherish them," he says to anyone who will listen, "and never imagine that there is any gift greater than that of sharing this life with others."