More than Revenge

Alice had just arrived in front of Sara’s house, knocking at her front door, hearing her conscience complain about what she did to her best friend and tears came down her face, as she had no idea what to say. What if Sara wasn’t going to let her inside the house, so she could apologize or at least try? Her mind was full of questions that she couldn’t answer. Alice feared losing her friend, as she remembered their good times and the bad ones.

She waited a few seconds after she rang the doorbell, and the tears came running down her tears uncontrollably.

“What do you want?” Sara screamed as she opened the door and slapped Alice so hard that she knew that Alice would have a bruise on her right cheek, maybe even a broken lip.

Alice didn’t complain about the slap, although she felt offended and thought that she didn’t deserve the slap. She just looked at Sara confused and worried, expecting an apology or an excuse for hitting her. Then, she thought about acting like Jesus would have acted in her situation: not hitting her back or complaining to her.

They spent a moment of silence. Both of the girls stared at each other; Sara felt anger, and Alice felt the grief of losing a true friend.

Alice hadn’t felt madder with herself, as she knew that she would betray Sara if she discovered that she Alice kiss Sara’s boyfriend. And the unexpected happened when Sara saw the video from a friend’s phone.

Alice noticed that Sara’s face had turned quite red and knew that she might have lost their friendship forever. What if Sara could never forgive her about her huge mistake? Even if she could fix her relationship with Sara, it would never be the same, and she would never forget that video. It was like a tattoo on her skin. They would never laugh the way that both girls had done for years. Alice predicted that her passion with her friend’s boyfriend might cost her their relationship. Alice realized finding another best friend would be like looking for gold in an abandon mine.

“I need to talk to you.... I think you need explanations,” Alice said while looking at the floor, hoping to not get slapped again. Alice felt like a child when she disobeys her parents- a child with shame and guilt. It wasn’t going to be easy to get rid of those feelings. If she managed to do so, it would leave her a scar forever.

For a moment, Sara understood how Alice was feeling and touched Alice’s shoulder. Her desperation and guilt was evident. Alice’s expression moved Sara slightly, and she wasn’t a girl who was easy to persuade. Sara wondered if Alice would still see Jonas after Sara had shown her true rage through her expressions. Sara wanted to hurt her physically, as her anger made her hands go into fists. Part of her wanted to see Alice dead, even if she tried to deny it, but she assumed that her rage wasn’t going to affect her in any possible way.

Suddenly, Sara lost her mind, as she began to smile while she wondered how she could hurt Alice.

“Okay,” Sara said as she let her in, “We can talk about it and listen to your version of the story. Come and sit on the sofa.” But Sara had other plans for her, still feeling revenge and anger; she ran into the kitchen to grab a kitchen knife while Alice was taking a seat on her sofa.

“You will pay for cheating with my Jonas,” Sara said as she touched the tip of the knife while she smiled with excitement as she imagined Alice’s body lying on the living room floor. Sara desired to see her ex-friend suffer equally or worse than the pain that Sara felt inside her. In a way, Sara felt that she was in an overwhelming and confusing mental state. A state in which her mind turned primitive and only wanted to satisfied her anger and urge for revenge. She came back to the living room.

Alice sat in the corner of the sofa, as she still cried, which got worse at the moment she saw a picture of Sara with her boyfriend- the guy who had a few kisses with her and inappropriate touching. Both of them were speechless.

“Why are you still crying? Why you didn’t cry when you were kissing him?” Sara said, almost screaming.

Alice felt like her mouth was stitched for a few seconds. Alice felt her body shake slightly. She felt fear but didn’t know why- she remembered the time when she got bullied and beaten by a classmate. She had the same feeling.

“I just feel horrible,” Alice said weakly as she was sobbing. Her sadness was so extreme, and she noticed the evil look on Sara’s face.

“Well, I hope you go to hell,” Sara said as grabbed Alice by the hair with one hand.

“Help! Someone is trying to kill me,” Alice screamed so loud that Sara’s ears hurt.

Without thinking twice, Sara stabbed her deeply on her right leg. The wound started to bleed, creating a big pool of blood on the floor, and Alice collapsed on the floor.

“Please... call me an ambulance...” Alice said before she fainted, and a couple seconds after, she gave a weak last breath.

After a couple seconds, Sara panicked as she realized she had acted without thinking of the consequences. She feared that the police would come at any second, especially after Alice screamed at the top of her lungs. She also feared she would go to prison. She thought about other prisoners might hit her for fun once the officers weren’t looking at them. She imagined bruises on her arms. In order to prevent it, she would have to commit suicide.

Without thinking twice, she stabbed herself as deep as possible in the abdomen. Her mouth filled up with blood, and Sara collapsed on the ground. Her pain was the worst pain that she ever felt. She tried to stab herself deeper, but she couldn’t handle it. Only then, she felt her body was getting too heavy to move.

Everything went pitch black.

Sara saw a white ceiling and felt something on her throat and mouth, making her unable to speak. She wanted to know what she had in her mouth, so she tried to touch it. She discovered that she could move only one hand.

She discovered that she was intubated. She heard a metal noise and realized her right hand was handcuffed to her side. She had been arrested.

Within a minute later, she heard the voice of a woman saying something about an IV, and realized there was a nurse in the room. She couldn’t understand her.

“Please, don’t try to get your tube out. You are lucky to be alive because you needed to be resuscitated a couple times,” the nurse said without looking at her in the eye. She couldn’t see her face because of her head position, “I will call a doctor to see you.”

Sara waited a minute or so, trying to ignore her breathing tube. She wondered how sick she could be; she knew that she was intubated for something serious. Sara tried to feel her abdominal area and discovered bandages on her stomach.

“How are you feeling?” the doctor said after he came running to the room, and she also heard another person with him. She wished that she could talk. She could barely move her neck, so she just moved her free hand.

“Let me take your tube out. It will be a bit uncomfortable,” the doctor said before taking the tube out. Sara coughed a bit before breathing on her own. “You are lucky that they found you quickly, you needed emergency surgery.”

“I just wanted to avoid going to jail,” she said to the police officer that stood with the doctor. “I regret killing her the way I did... I knew that the police would arrive at any moment,” she said before a couple tears were running down her face, “Since I was saved, I know I will go to jail for a long time.”