Lady in a Skate

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There was once was a lady that lived in a shoe
She had lots of kids, and knew not what to do

She had twenty children, but they all were lazy.
They wouldn't do anything, and it drove her crazy.

"Is this it?" She said with a huff,
"Nothing's fun and everything's tough!"

"I want to do something wild and fun,
But I'm stuck here to work all alone in the sun."

But as she stood, hanging clothes on a wire,
She looked, and saw her old boot had a tire.

She looked around for wheels in the ground
And saw three more like the one she had found.

With all the sweeping, cleaning, and cooking meals,
How had she not seen that the shoe had wheels?

So she made herself busy, removing the dirt
Getting things in her hair and mud on her skirt.

Her arms started aching, and she knew it was late
But she kept digging out the roller skate.

The wheels were eventually free at last!
That old lady could finally go fast.

She put on her goggles and did up her vest,
She was ready to put the old shoe to the test.

So she went behind and pushed with her might,
And found that the skate was surprisingly light.

"Come on kids, don't delay!"
"Hurry up! We're on our way!"

The kids climbed into the shoe on the hill,
Then they were off, on an adventurous thrill!

They zoomed down the hill at incredible speeds,
Flattening flowers, bushes, and many weeds.

The lady looked, and in her throat formed a lump,
For just up ahead was a dangerous jump.

“Oh no!” The old lady hollered in fear,
since she and her kids had no way to steer.

The terrible ramp was just up ahead
So she had her kids get sheets from her bed.

She fastened the sheets to the sides of the boot,
hoping they'd make a good parachute.

The skate hit the jump and flew into the sky,
then the sheets filled with air and they started to fly.

But something had caused the bedsheets to tear,
So the old flying skate fell from the air.

The shoe smashed to the ground with a thud,
And the old lady saw they had fallen in mud

She climbed out of the skate and started to pout
For she had no idea how to get the shoe out.

"No matter what I do, something won't work,
And now I'm stuck here to live in the murk."

But her children got out and started to push,
Hoping to get the old boot from the mush.

When the boot didn't budge, the lady started to cry,
But her kids swiftly told her she needed to try.

"When life is tough, do not sit and rest,
Get up and do something: give it your best."

The old lady smiled, since she knew they were right,
So she stood beside them and pushed with her might.

They got the skate out from where it was caught
And lived happy lives, believe it or not.

So when you are faced with troubles to mend,
Stand up and do something. The End.

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