In the Distant Future

2 min
Green plasma bolts filled the air; three beleaguered Imperium soldiers hid among collapsed ruins, desperate to avoid death. But the God-Emperor’s will was clear. Humanity could not to allow the Xennid scum to defile another world with their continued existence.
With an unspoken signal, the three shot out from their hiding place and began to return fire at a frantic pace. Almost immediately, two were blasted with plasma from their enemies. Pain-filled screams filled the air as the two were quickly vaporized. The remaining warrior quickly darted back into hiding, her breathing hard and labored.
And then, at that very moment, a lone, armored Marine entered the ruined building, firing at the enemies of humanity in the distance. Grey metal machines, in the vague shape of human skeletons, fell beneath the Marine’s wrath.
A moment later, a large, spider-like droid barreled at the Marine, slicing down at the human with an enormous green-glowing blade. It smashed down onto the Marine’s head, cleaving the helmet in two. Revealed was a woman, her amber hair reaching her shoulders and rage more than evident on her face. She fired again and again into the beast, falling back as the mechanical monstrosity charged at her again. Barely keeping ahead of the droid, she continued her assault as best as she could.
Until she saw a bolt of green light blazing towards her.
Minutes later, pain searing through her disintegrating arm, she entered a now derelict Sanctuary, a temple dedicated to the God-Emperor of Humanity. The Marine fell to her knees offering up a silent prayer to the mighty God-Emperor, until with a crash, the spider droid smashed through the doors of the Sanctuary.
With a renewed fury, the Marine drew her power sword, bolts of blue electricity crackling along it. Green and blue blades met with a bang.
But the God-Emperor takes notice of those who prove worthy. At the moment when all seemed lost for the lone Marine, a sword plunged from the chest of the skeletal machine, killing it instantly. A massive Behemoth, one of the great warriors in the God-Emperor’s armies, his armored chest emblazoned with the emblem of a mighty eagle, threw away the mechanical corpse and looked at the Marine before him for a moment before turning to march away.
The mighty warrior reached the outside, a legion of enemies in the distance. But they were not the only ones with an army. A force of Behemoths and Marines awaited him. With a roar, their commander ordered the charge. Bolts of green plasma flew at the charging humans, killing many. But the charge had been ordered; there was no stopping now. Moments later, the Xennid and human warriors collided; gunfire echoed, many perished.
And then, another spider droid lunged from a pile of rubble, blade swinging wildly among its enemies. A moment later, a hail of bullets rained down upon it, the still helmetless Marine now reinforced by more of her kind, firing upon it until it fell.
With that, the battle ensued to a harrowing degree; the victors to be the ones with the will to obtain victory.

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