I wear a mask!

Image of Short Fiction

“Put on your mask,” Victoria said.

“What?” asked Michael.

“We have to wear a mask. I wear a mask and you wear a mask,” answered Victoria.

“Why?” asked Michael.

“Because of the virus,” Victoria answered.

“Virus?” Michael asked.

“Yes, the virus,” said Victoria. “Remember what Mom said, ‘You have to be safe. You must wear a mask’.”

“Yes, I remember. Mom did say that,” Michael said.

“Everyone is wearing a mask. All kinds of masks. All different colors of masks. My mask has red hearts and your mask has teddy bears on it,” said Victoria.

“Junior, where are you?” called Michael.

“He’s here,” said Victoria.

“Junior, where’s your mask?” asked Michael.

“I have it. Junior has a mask with cats on it,” Victoria said.

“Stop squirming,” said Michael.

“No!” shouted Junior.

“Be still, Junior, so Victoria can put on your mask,” said Michael.

“No mask,” said Junior.

“I wear a mask, Michael wears a mask, and Junior wears a mask,” Victoria said, putting the cat mask on Junior.

“We are going outside, Junior,” Michael said.

“We must wear our masks outside. That is what Mom said,” said Victoria.

“What about school? We can’t go to school?” asked Michael.

“No. Online again,” Victoria said. “Remember when you saw and talked to your teacher in a classroom online? On the computer?”

“Yes, I remember,” said Michael.

“We are going to go to school online again. Because of the virus,” Victoria said.

“I miss my friends from school,” said Michael.

“I miss my friends, too. We can see our friends in our classroom online when we see our teacher,” Victoria said.

“Yes, we can. Victoria, you know everything,” said Michael.

“No, I don’t know everything. There is ONE thing I know. I WEAR A MASK!” said Victoria.