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Moonlight shone upon the street, lingering around. There was only one person wandering around humming a song.

‘Hey Jude, don't make it bad...' The song was fluttering around the street.

Hazel eyes, red lips, and dark brown hair that highlighted her features. Wearing a white dress which accentuated her curves, she radiated a dangerously seductive vibe, as if she was an attractive butterfly.

She walked into a bar, deciding to find love there. It was just what she needed from time to time – to feel love, even just for a night.

It was a cozy bar with just a few men. She was sitting alone without realizing how many men had their eyes on her.

The hunt began.

I was sitting in the corner when she came in. I could not take my eyes off her once I saw her. She was everything I could ever dream of. Those guys getting drinks to hit on her, did they not see what she wanted? She was looking for something other than them, something more.

She rejected all those men as they tried to get her into bed. They started to give up when she showed no interest at all, except for the one who was drunk enough to harass her. His hands snaked around her shoulder, pushing her down. She tried to leave but was paralyzed by the tremendous weight. Those who had tried to hit on her just looked at her with a smirk, enjoying the sight as they witnessed their retaliation.

I saw her trying to escape that drunkie. It should be my turn to be the hero and get the princess. Her lustrous eyes were filled with tears that she could not resist. As her eyes caught mine, the urge to save her was more determined than ever. She was mine and no one else could take that away from me.

I grabbed the man's hand. ‘Get your hands off her.'

‘She's sleeping with me tonight, get another target.' He screamed, trying to bat away my hand and failing miserably.

Carrying that devil-may-care look, he pushed that old man off her and freed her. She had known it all along. He had arrived, her true love that would save her. She could not believe her eyes when he knocked the old man off with ease. She did not care even if the bar was turning into a mess.

We fought until I wrecked him with a bottle. I took her hand and ran out of the bar until it was safe. She was breathing heavily. I looked at her and she started to laugh.

She felt alive running on her stilettos from a bar fight with a stranger. The sound of her heartbeat was raging in her ears. The thrill of the rush sent shivers down her lush body.

‘It was fun.'

‘Fun? You want to do that again?'

‘I don't think you could go in that bar anymore.' She giggled. ‘Thanks for saving me.'

‘So glad I could be the hero of the night, but the owner of the bar probably thinks I'm the devil.' He shrugged.

She laughed again. ‘I'm Carmen.'

‘I'm Tyler. What an interesting night to meet the fairest woman in the world.'

I could tell she was into me. Every word I said, she laughed like a little bird. Her eyes glimmered when I looked at her. Her cheeks turned red. I got her. It was time to get the taste of the prey.

‘It's getting late, I'll walk you home. Is it nearby?' She would definitely invite me in.

She looked around, trying to figure out the roads. ‘It's two blocks away.'

We talked while we walked. She said all her ex-boyfriends lied to her. Her heart was broken again and again. Yet, she still believed that there was someone out there for her.

‘Maybe that guy is right next to you.' I looked her in the eyes as I said.

She grinned shyly as we arrived. She looked at me and kissed me on the cheek. I kissed her back, on the mouth. We were kissing and touching soon after. Her house was filled with a peculiar smell. It was a heavy scent of lemonade, nothing compared to the girl in front of me. We went to her bedroom.

‘Let your fantasies unwind. I could be anything you like.' she whispered.

‘I'll eat you alive.' I said with a kiss.

Filled with satisfaction, Carmen felt loved. With her hands on his chest, she thought Tyler would stay with her forever.

She whispered to his ears, ‘Do you love me?'

‘Sure, babe. You're everything to me.' He held her closer.

‘Promise you'll never leave? Be mine forever?'

Carmen was the clingy type. These questions were dangerous. I was looking for a one night stand. Girlfriend? Nah, I prefer friends with benefits.

I kissed her forehead. ‘Let's get some sleep.'

I needed to get out of here after she slept. She would ask for more when she woke up. What's your phone number? Your address? Your work? Leaving them with a good impression in bed then disappearing from their lives was the best thing I could do.

She was asleep after an hour. I moved her hands from my chest carefully without waking her up. What a shame. She was so pretty, I would like to have sex with her more often. I picked up my clothes that trailed from the bedroom to the living room. Damn, it was such a fantastic experience. I put my pants on. At least we had a night.

I felt a sting on my right arm. It was Carmen. Staring at her with disbelief, I saw that she was injecting something into me. I tried to resist but the substance was already inside me.

‘I thought you said you wouldn't leave.' She stared at me with a look of betrayal.

‘You were just like them...' That was the last thing I heard before I lost consciousness.

Men were all the same. Carmen dragged Tyler to the basement and tied him onto a chair. They all lied to her. Every time they said they would stay, they didn't. So she found a way to make them hers. She went upstairs to take out a black box.

‘If only you could be the exception...' She studied his face with a knife in her hand.

The anesthetic was just enough to knock him out for 30 minutes. When the effect subsided, Tyler was waking up. Frightened, he had his eyes wide open when Carmen's face appeared.

His eyes darted around with confusion. The room was covered in plastic sheets. He could only see Carmen and nothing else in the dim light.

‘Let me go! I'm sorry! I, I didn't think clearly! Please don't kill me! Please! You do love me, right? Don't, don't kill me!' He screamed with terror.

Carmen knew what he was doing, just like all of them before. He was searching for the escape route. He wanted the neighbours to notice him. Sadly she installed sound-absorbing cotton in the basement. No one could hear him.

‘Honey, we're all alone.' She said it in a thrilled tone. ‘I'm not killing you. I just want you to be with me forever. We're gonna be together forever.' She took out a knife.

‘I would make your heart desire me more than ever.' She whispered.

Tyler was having an erection due to fear. His face was white but his body reacted the way she expected. She knew he would like this. All of them did. She sat on him and started rocking slowly.

‘Isn't this nice?' She moaned, pointing the knife at him. To his bewilderment, he was enjoying the action.

She sliced into his chest.

His scream was the greatest song she'd ever heard. She was even more turned on.

‘I'll eat you alive.' She said that while she had an orgasm. Both of them were covered in Tyler's blood.

‘You're a monster! Let me go!' He yelled.

Carmen was digging into his chest, looking for his heart. She paid no attention to his scream. His vision faded into darkness. This time, he might not be able to wake up again.

She took his heart out and swallowed the warm flesh. Blood dripped down her white dress, staining it in different shades of red. She was filled with satisfaction. She dismembered him with the tools in the black box. They could be together now. Forever.