As we make our ways to say goodbye,
All our memories will fly high.
Some will ask, “Why, Why, Why?”
Others will just give sighs and joyful replies.
Some might ask, “Are they free?”
Others might think, “Let’s wait and see.”
We think that the person’s life was too brief,
This will leave too much grief.

Some people will laugh at the years they had here,
Others will shed many tears.
Think about the friends shared, the laughs and maybe a kiss,
Those people will be missed.
It’s hard to live apart
From someone who gave you their heart.
The burden of sorrow
___ will haunt me until tomorrow.

As we make our ways to a newer generation,
We will never forget where we got our foundation.
As the days, Our days are ending,
We will never forget the days that we were spending and that are still pending.
And as we hope for the best
Let us leave everything else to rest.