I got out of bed
I never knew this day would have so much dread
I went to school
This day was anything but cool
I practiced for the test
I wanted to do my best
I came home from the practice
I was as spiny as a cactus
I was tired and feeling dumb
When I looked at my thumb
It was wrinkly and dry
I gave out a loud sigh

Afterward I met with my father
I said I did not want to be a bother
He said what is going on
I said nothing with a yawn
I ate dinner by myself
And spent the rest of the night reading from the bookshelf
Before bed I looked at the moon
I wanted tomorrow to be over soon
I saw the moon was red
I thought that I was going to dread tomorrow and end up dead
I went to bed trying not to think
But I could not sleep not even a wink

I woke up feeling ill
I wanted to eat but all I did was make a spill
I went to class
Hoping that I could pass
I looked at the paper and read the line
It was time to shine
Before the test I looked at the clock
All I heard was Tick-Tock, Tick-Tock, Tick-Tock
I put the pencil in my hand
I needed today to be grand
I sat in the chair
I was nervous so I pulled at my hair
I needed to sweat
Before I knew it I was all wet

I finished the test and left the building
I felt like I was wearing gilding
If I had the chance
I would enhance
____this test
I brought out my best
I was happy to know that this test was the SAT
It made me become the MVP

No one knows how things will be
Not even you or me
Just do the best and manage yourself
Maybe one day you might have your book on the shelf

No one knows what you will be
Everyone just has to wait and see
Just like you and me
Hopefully your career will be full of glee
It could take years even three
Drink some tea
And eat some ghee while up a tree
Now everyone wants to pee
Because of the way that we
____ seem to be
Now we still will need to wait and see
What you will be
Hopefully you can turn into Me