Drawn to the Light

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Stephen Kinnane is a Marda Marda from Mirriwoong country in the East Kimberley. He has been an active writer and researcher for more than 25 years as well as lecturing and working on sustainability  [+]

Standing amidst the hum of traffic, ghost memories rise up to meet us. They carry us along former creeks and rivulets, through paperbark forests and well-worn tracks dissected by gridded streets and crafted canyons of concrete, steel and glass. They float between the weight of our contested collective histories, and the watery underground streams of our dreams and hopes.

Unformed, layered fragments of our lived and imagined pasts resonate across the generations, tickling an ear, brushing an eyelash, creating an ancestral hum all their own – stilling us, momentarily, in a spirit of place.

Drawn to the light, ghost memories break ground, cross time, ride the wind, hold us to account, uplift us, unsteady us. They challenge us to rise in our fleeting time, to recognise our humanity – to be present, to be open to possibility, to be generous to the future.

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