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"This is a child’s story about a loving pup."

It was dark and cold outside. I could see the house with the lights on and the people inside all nice and warm.

I wanted to be inside with them, but they always said no.

I didn’t know what I did to make them leave me outside.

I was sad.

One day some nice lady came and took me away from the cold lonely back yard.

Her name was Anna.

Anna was nice but I was so scared. I didn’t know where she was taking me.

When I got out of the car, I saw a big barn with the name MAINLINE ANIMAL RESCUE on it.
I was rescued!

I had stayed at the shelter in a cage for a while. It was a little scary but not as lonely as the backyard.

Then one day Miss. Anna told me that today was a big day! People were here to see me!

I went outside and there were two people there waiting to meet me.

We played for a while and then they left. I saw so sad they had to go. I really liked them.

I was scared and lonely again wishing I could find a home.

A couple of days later I went for a car ride and when we got to a house those nice people were there waiting for me again.

Miss. Anna said goodbye and left me there with these people I now call mom and dad.

I get to stay in the warm house all the time. Me and mom love to snuggle and dad loves to play games with me.

I love my new home with mom and dad.

The moral of this story is if you have a loving home and want to add a pup to it please consider adopting not shopping. Adoptable pups are just as loving ask my mom and dad!

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