A Marriage Short Story

It's over.

What? No.

Yeah I'm done.

No baby don't do this.

No stop. I've been patient with you long enough. I can't keep going on like this.

Please. Let's talk this out.

No there's been enough talking. There's been enough eating—

Wait what do you mean eating?

You know exactly what I mean eating. Don't pretend you don't.

No baby I don't know what you're talking about. Why are you so upset?

You know exactly what you did. And I know exactly what you did. Don't pretend like I didn't see you two nights ago eating those chicken nuggets.

Wait I can explain—

There is nothing to explain. You ate those chicken nuggets and betrayed me.

Stop that's not fair.

You betrayed me and my family.

Baby stop. I can explain.

No, you listen to me. What you did last night eating those... Eating those chicken—I can barely say it—eating those chicken nuggets was an act of betrayal.

Baby listen for one minute.

I'm done listening! It's over.

No, wait. I didn't mean any harm to you or your family. I know your dad means the world to you and I respect him—

Respect?! Please! You know my daddy is the CEO of Chicken Tenders International and what you did—

Stop please listen! Your dad is an inspiration to me. He's fought his way to the top of the chicken snack ladder and has built an unstoppable chicken tender empire. Eating those chicken nuggets was in no way supposed to be an attack on your family. Chicken tenders are incredible, but sometimes, you know, you just want to eat chicken that's a bit shorter and—

No I've heard enough! You know I love you, but what you did is unforgivable. You've shattered my heart into a million pieces and I don't think I have the power or patience in me to reassemble them on a kitchen table and then Mod Podge it all back together. It's over. Goodbye Daniel.

And cut.

The woman turns toward the camera. The director smiles at her.

Great job. You'll have an Oscar in no time.