You Say...

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YOU SAY, you want to make a difference, but you really just want to keep the status quo.

YOU SAY, inclusion is important to create a diverse environment, yet you continue to allow people to work in silos and choose those that keep the workplace undiversified.

YOU SAY, you want to have an impact, but when someone stands up for injustice in their space, you do nothing but silence them.

So why can't we change the systemic racism in our institutions?

Because keeping a system that is oppressed, depressed, marginalized, paralyzes creativity, innovation, and upward mobility of people of color, and keeps predominately white institutions in place.

That is what is really important to them, not justice.


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Image of barbara mccoy
barbara mccoy · ago
Image of Lori Thompson
Lori Thompson · ago
Love This
Image of Sheila McMillan
Sheila McMillan · ago
Well Said Sister!
Image of Diana Angel
Diana Angel · ago
Simplemente, bello.
Image of Takesha McMiller
Takesha McMiller · ago
Beautiful work Laura!
Image of Kris Scott
Kris Scott · ago
Very nice, Laura!
Image of Doreen Loury
Doreen Loury · ago
Good stuff girl
Image of R J
R J · ago
Keep up the good work.
Image of Carlena Parker
Carlena Parker · ago
Powerful and timely
Image of Glenda Scudder
Glenda Scudder · ago
Powerful.... I love this #truth