Will You Hug Me If I Die?

Image of Long Story Short Award - 2022
Image of Poetry
We were that close,
Days were that old.
Memories were being locked,
Conversations were being blocked.

The pandemic was just a bluff,
The exam was the real stuff.

It used to be an excuse to set you and girls apart,
Becoming a dart to break my heart.

I cried, once,
You embraced, twice.
I bleed, threefold,
You hugged, fourfold.
I thought I was special,
You treated me pitiful.

Awaited confess,
Thought of success,
Turned out neglect,
Traumatic lament.

The pain aggravated,
Wound encroached,
Thoughts exploded,
Waves collided.

Glass cracking,
Nerves streching.

Parents wrangling,
Bruises rankling.

Desperate for hugs and warmth,
Leaving just no luck, but storms.

Let me sink in the ocean,
Leaving my last emotion,
Bringing away my notion.

When ur axe drops on the floor, it is an accident.