Weary Earth

Image of Poetry

Earth was weary.  Her head ached from the constant pollution causing a river of tears as thick and reddish brown as Perdido mud.  The smell of sewage waste made her revolving stomach to quiver until she retched eruptions of molten lava and noxious gas. Her tired, bleary eyes could barely see the sun through the haze.  She longed to cease her dance, but knew that was impossible as people depended on her constant revolutions.  She prayed that night to the god, Terra, that she might have a day of rest,

Terra, God of Earth, then asked Zeus for the cleansing rain. Soon gone from the air were chemical particles, mold spores, gases, fumes of pollution and antozonic smog.  Neptune quickly removed fertilizer and pesticides from Earth’s waters while Tellus cleansed the soil. Juno and Diana joined together to create a Pandemic to lessen  skyglow and noise pollution.

Earth, awakening,  felt her senses alive once more.   The air was fresh and sent a cleansing breeze to her very core.  The waters were so clear;  she could see the reflections of the sky, the trees.  The land was quiet. Earth relished the movement of bird wings, footsteps of small animals, and the rustle of insect creatures.  Renewed, Earth began a new dance, spinning more efficiently with gratitude.