Thought From A Younger Mind

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"We interrupt this program. This is a national emergency. The President of the United States or his designated representative will appear shortly over the Emergency Broadcast System."

An interruption

A stop

A split second in time

A life-changing moment


Is it a fleeting feeling?

Or is it holding back your tongue

In an embarrassing moment

When they tell you to shut up?


Is it the blare on the TV?

Or is it the silencing static?

When the world is barely there 

Where it's all gone wrong and there's no making it right.


Is it your brother's show stopping?

A news anchor instead

Telling you of the protests

The mounting number of dead.


Or is it your parents yelling

"Take your eyes off that screen!"

Teaching you that there are moments

Those pixels can't teach


What is it?

Perhaps I am too young to comprehend

The English language is open to interpretation

You're free to understand as you please.


The question is

How to stop?

How to avoid?

How to cope?

With this interruption in our lives?


I'd like to go back

I want to reminisce

Of those simpler times 

That I didn't know I'd miss


I have come to realize,

Interruption can be good 

Or they could be bad

The outcome in Situation's hands.


I've thought of it

And maybe it's time

To be interrupted

Quite possible

The clock has been turned back

One too many times


So I shall share my thoughts

The thoughts of a younger mind


Believe that good always outweighs the bad, 

Take a breath

Let our hectic lives stop

Realize what we've been missing

For so long


Take a time to reflect

Learn how to enjoy the present

Learn from your past

Remember your life before it's passed.


For once, hear the birds

Who have always been chirping

For once, see and watch

All the things you've ignored.


Take this wondrous interruption

And stop for a moment

Rethink your path

And maybe some clarity

Will seep back at last.