They made my street one-way today

Evan Towle, MLIS Librarian and Archivist Philadelphia, Pa.

They made my street one-way today
It's messing with my mood.
The phone can't find its way back home,
Nor GrubHub bring me food.

Sure, we've had some problem with
The traffic in the night.
With crashes, honks, blind turns, and speed,
Pedestrians, and light.

But one-way, really? Isn't that
A little overreaching?
Can't we all just work it out with
Cursing and with screeching?

I guess the firetrucks can go
And ambulances turn,
Safely on their errands now
That southbound traffic's spurned.

They made the street one-way today
And there goes all my fun.
While "Look both ways!" I used to say,
I now think, "Just look one."