There is Change

On November 8th, 2016, we dragged our cement blocked feet and casted a ballot which handed history our ideal fate.

Here it comes, full speed just like a bullet smacking into oncoming traffic.

We all knew this day would come, a day, oh a day it was. What were we thinking?

We created a firestorm, a hellfire with lava for eyes, sparks for hair, and rage for all. Were we always like this?

Did we always combat each others' ideas? Thoughts?


Is this really what we wanted?

It was.

We always wanted this transformation. A revolution or revolution for that matter to overthrow modernity as we knew it best.

A man, once known for outrageous TV and green "benjamins" was the hero of our delinquency, a result of our travesty.

On one hand, the blue, the fearful of bleak darkness that has haunted our home with its shadows for hundreds of years is rivaling the red, an era tired and weary.

The conclusion of such war, a bitter ordeal is the times which we live now.

A transformation lead by fury.

A fireball of ideas stirred in the wicked witch's melting pot.

Swirling in the pot we took her potion of pure poison and choked on his wretched "splendors."

We didn't pass, but what did was our humanity, instead, we awoke to a digital "feel it, tweet it." 

Do you hear it?

I do.

I hear all of it. I feel it too, not just in my veins but truly in my heart.

You and I are what can lead the transforming of the transformation.

Do not cry anymore 'bendito' papa will make it, do not cry anymore... He won't shoot

Do not cry anymore he was never good for you anyway, do not cry anymore you will have a voice.

Do not cry. There is change.

Feel what I speak and make use of it.

Do not put this writing in the back of your mind, that is what ‘they' want.

Do not be silent, the dawn of hope is on its way and the smoke will turn into fresh breaths of clear air.

Ask yourself if this filth is clean, ask not what you can hope for, only ask how you can re-paint this canvas.

Put down that black screen and lift up your fist.

Quit allowing the transformation to control your destiny.

And when it is all said and done, sit on the green grass and stare and this planet's family, the balls of the purest fire the universe has to offer.

Make friends with the stars above.

Let Earth cradle you.

Rest assured, if you take what's been given right now and run like a coward in the night, instead sit on this black pavement and let the Earth burn as you watch from Mars.

Do not sleep, there is change, and it will come in full speed just like a bullet smacking into oncoming traffic.